Water Jet Cutting Service

Waterjet cutting serviceWater Jet Cutting is a versatile process which uses a jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance, at high velocity and pressure to accurately cut or slice metals or other materials, including rubber, foam, plastics, stone, tiles, paper and composites.

This cutting method ensures on accurate, stress-free cut without distortion and heat-affected zone. The absence of stress in the cut edge makes the process ideal where there is a requirement for a developed component to be formed to shape.

We use this method in the production of our range of Fence Post Drivers and also provide a sub-contracted profile cutting service.

Download details and technical specifications [PDF 1.5MB]

We have two methods of cutting available:

1. Water Only Cuttings

  • Creative designs profile cut without discoloration to cut edge
  • Larger designs can be cut in sections, making the size limitless
  • In house design service taken from your artwork or computer file
  • Gasket & Insulation materials profiled without tooling costs
  • Thick Foam cut with parallel sides
  • Prototypes to batch production quantities easily accommodated

2. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

  • Special sign profiles to complete company re-fits
  • Aluminium/Plastic to Stainless Steel & Brass cut without tarnishing
  • Complex & Intricate designs easily accommodated
  • Special designs & Logos cut with precision
  • From Pub enhances to Shopping malls
  • Granite, Marble & Limestone designs also created
  • Engineering components
  • Laminates & Composites profiled without delamination
  • No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Water Jet Cutting is an environmentally friendly method, producing no hazardous waste and significantly reducing waste disposal costs. It results in a safer work environment, eliminating airborne dust particles and contaminates which arise from cutting materials in more traditional ways.