Electronic Dog Fencing

Safe dog fencingWe supply the Force Field® range of electronic pet fencing throughout Ireland.

The system uses a buried wire to create an “invisible fence” around your garden, keeping your dog safely contained and away from dangerous areas, such a ponds, as well as out of flower beds.

A small transmitter on the dog’s collar (see left) sends a continuous signal to the wire. If the dog gets too close he will first hear warning beeps followed by a mild but effective correction signal administered through the collar.

Once trained to the system the correction is rarely administered as the beeping sound is suffcient to keep the dog within the safe area.

The system is effective for all sizes of dog, is safe to use, does not cause pain and cannot harm your pet.

System Features

  • Can enclose any area form a small garden to a space as large as 35 acres!
  • 3 corrections levels to suit dogs of all sizes and temperaments
  • Extensively tested and widely accepted by vets as a humane method of enclosure
  • Supplied with 50 flags to use during training
  • Step-by-step training manual provided – it takes 8 days to train the average dog.
  • Easy to follow installation manual – anyone can install it.
  • Designed and manufactured in Ireland.

We can deliver Dog Fencing kits nationwide, please contact us for details.

Dog fencing planDog Fencing Kit Contents

  • Control Unit
  • Collar strap
  • 150m Wire
  • 50 Flags
  • UL adapter
  • Lightweight collar unit
  • Different sized probes for long/short haired dogs
  • Installation Manual
  • Training Manual