Dog Pens

Strong easily erected small dog runsThe unique construction of these portable pens, or small runs, keep your dogs safe and secure without detracting from the appearance of your garden.

This is the perfect solution when a pet needs an outdoor living space of their own while at the same time being securely restrained. They are durable, quick and easy to erect, and unlike the usual wire link dog runs will sit unobtrusively in any location.

If you are away from home, have visitors who don’t enjoy your dogs as much as you do, or for any reason need to keep your dog safely restricted, this is the answer.

Not only does this run keep your pet safely inside, it prevents other dogs or predators from getting to them, so it’s ideal if you have not-so-friendly dogs who come in your garden or need to restrain a bitch in heat.


  • Attractive, unobtrusive design provides strength without bulk
  • Designed to be safe with solid welding, tight connections and no wire ends which could injure your pet.
  • Gates open inwards to discourage ‘charging’ when they are opened.
  • Secure latches – even the cleverest dog will never figure out how to open these!
  • Can be erected on hard ground or on grass surfaces
  • Easily moved to a new location to save wear and tear in a single area.
  • Simple do-it-yourself assembly
  • Roof canopy available to provide shade or cover from rain.

Easy Self-Assembly

Erecting your dog pen is simple and requires no special skills or equipment – it’s easier than most self-assembly furniture! You don’t need to dig any foundations or holes, or to pay additional charges for installation.

Most pens require just 4 panels and you’ll receive a package with three standard panels and one gate panel along with 4 bags of fittings. The fittings are largely pre-assembled and there are clear graphical instructions printed right on the bag.

The usual solution for confining dogs outdoors is a chain link run or pen. These tend to be either expensive to construct or poorly finished and ugly – very often both!

The attractive appearance, robust and durable construction and numerous safety features of the V-squared system puts it in a different league, and at a remarkably competitive price.


Mind the Gap!

Large tempting gaps are often found in traditional runs, especially where panels join, at ground level or where gates are hung, and can entrap heads and paws.

Minimal gaps between the panels of the V-squared system eliminates the temptation to put paws and noses through, with reduced risk of injury.

No Sharp Wires

Sharp or snipped wire ends accessible to your pet are a common feature of chain link runs.

All wire ends and bolts ends are oriented away from your pet and wires are cut flat rather than snipped, without sharp points that can potentially cause injuries.

Solid, Secure Construction

Wire mesh walls and gates or joins which are secured with clips or wire ties that can easily be shaken open by lively pets or become loose over time. Pets frequently learn how to get out through or under the wires.

The all-welded structure of our rens results in sturdy walls which do not bend or gape. Strong brackets and snap on clips ensure that connections are secure and that there are minimal gaps between panels which prevents shaking or loosening.

Portable and Adaptable

Runs are usually fixed structures, built either on grass or a solid base and remaining in the same place for their lifetime.

Our runs can be placed either on grass or on a hard surface – and you can move your run any time you like!

The extendible leg can be raised slightly to allow easy cleaning with a hose on hard surfaces or placed flat on a grass surface to reduce the temptation to dig. Anchor bolts are available if you wish to secure your kennel to a concrete surface.

Specifications & Construction

Wall Construction

Panels are constructed with multiple four gauge (5.75mm diameter) galvanized steel wires securely welded to form an integrated wire frame. The wire mesh is 11½ gauge with 6.2cm spacing which is comparable to better quality chain link mesh.

Wires are coated with a safe polyester powder finish, which is much harder and thicker (10-14 microns) than the standard PVC (poly vinyl chloride) coating on vinyl chain link (3 microns). This coating is not just strong but also very safe – polyester finishes have been approved for use in food preparation surfaces (for humans). Paint used to touch up the welds has been tested for lead content and is strictly compliant with all standards.


Gate closures use a flip latch mechanism which requires a “raise, roll, turn” motion difficult for an animal to operate. In addition latching tabs (fingers) grab the edge of the gate frame in 4 places for a more secure closure.

The gate can be be hung for left or right hand opening and is operated from a single mechanism conveniently positioned 130cm from the ground.

Integrated stops prevent the gate from opening outward which trains your dog to stand back rather than charge when the gate is opened.

Brackets and Panel Joins

Panel connecting brackets both adjust the angle between the panels and also allow the panel edges to be adjusted so there is very little gap. With the bracket we include snap on clips that help to insure that the mid-points of the connection cannot be flexed apart.

Panels are usually connected to each other at 90° angles to create a strong and rigid rectangular run, but brackets can easily be used at a wider angle to create a larger hexagonal run.

Additional panels can also be added at 180° to each other for even larger runs – a special 180° wire panel connector is available to ensure that panel strength is not compromised in this configuration.

Weather Protection

An optional roof kit or shade screen is available to protect against rain or provide shade.

Alternatively a kennel or dog house can be placed within the run or fastened to the outside of it. The all welded design means that the mesh won’t unravel if a portion is cut out to create a doorway to a kennel.

A wire panel top can be added with or without a canopy, for example where jumping or climbing are a problem.

Pricing and Ordering

The current price is €450 (including VAT) for a 12′ x 6′ run. To order please contact us

This run has approx 72 ft2 of space.

We can supply and deliver dog runs anywhere in Ireland.

Please get in touch if you require information about other sizes or additional features such as roof panels or canopies

Important: Not all pets can be trained for containment and although we are confident that our runs will keep the vast majority of dogs safely and securely confined, we cannot guarantee that they will contain every dog in every circumstance. Dogs should be monitored when first introduced to the run. If you are unsure whether a run is appropriate for your dog, please consult your vet or an experienced dog trainer.